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LAST DAY TO SAVE - Use BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for 40% off all apparel!

Water Baby Neck Floatie

$40.00 CAD

A neck floatie to make bath and swim time fun for both babies and parents. With secure support, your baby has free movement to experience water in a fun new way. Water baby helps increase confidence, coordination, exploration, learning, and giggles!



Features an adjustable neck opening, premium snap closures, dual air chambers, and an extra thick casing

Soft, high-grade, toxin-free and latex-free plastic

Smooth edges, a cushioned chin rest, an expandable opening, and soft material

Unique and smart modern design.

Recommended for ages: 2 to 18 months; or 5.5 kg (12lbs) to 13 kg (29lbs).


Is the water baby safe?

Safety is our chief concern. Our floatie design ensures a comfortable and secure fit around your baby's neck. When used correctly, there is no weight pressure on your baby's neck, no risk of strangulation, and no risk of your baby slipping out.  Your baby's chin rests on the built-in chin rest and the floatie does not constrict breathing.  You can even try it on yourself before putting it on your baby!  If you have any concerns, please consult us and/or a doctor or pediatrician before using the floatie.  


All printing is done on the inner surfaces of the floatie, so that it will not rub off on you or your baby.  The water baby features two separate air chambers, each secured with tight fitting air locks. Our floaties are made with high grade, phthalate-free, lead-free PVC that is thicker and more durable than the industry standard. Our products have met and exceeded international health and safety standards. However, as secure and safe as our products are, please do not leave your children unattended by or in any body of water.


Water baby neck floatie is a toy. It is not a swim aid, personal floatation or life saving device, nor is it not approved as a floatation device by the Coast Guard.